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Back to School

One of SAWA's major initiatives is supporting the educational needs of the Syrian refugee youth. This summer, SAWA supported the Collateral Repair Project (CRP), ​located in the impoverished neighborhoods of East Amman. CRP leveraged the $10,000 donation from SAWA to prepare kids for going back to school.

See the message from CRP, along with pictures and a video they made to thank our donors:

"We are beyond grateful for SAWA's continued support, which truly makes the difference between whether children go to school or stay home due to not having the required items they need."

"We've used your funds in the past few weeks for our Back to School backpack, uniform and school supplies distributions and to date have served 1374 total kids--with an average cost of $23.80/student. We will complete our final distribution next week and anticipate that we will serve a total of around 1600 students by the time everything is completed" - Collateral Repair | Amman, Jordan

Watch this video that the team made as a Thank You to the donors:

More about Collateral Repair Project (CRP)Nearly 700,000 Syrian and Iraqi refugees currently reside in Jordan, the equivalent of 10% of the country’s population. 84% of these refugees live outside of established refugee camps. 80% are women and children. A majority of the non-camp refugees are located in impoverished neighborhoods in East Amman, the community where Collateral Repair Project is located. As refugees in Jordan are largely forbidden by law to work, they struggle to provide for their families' basic needs. CRP seeks to restore dignity and community to victims of violent conflict and build their resilience, while ensuring their basic food and housing needs are met. Our Emergency Assistance Program provides food vouchers, fuel, mattresses and other basic needs to refugees who need it most. Our Family Resource and Community Center is a haven where beneficiaries rebuild social ties and participate in educational, recreational, health and wellness programs. CRP’s great strengths are the wealth of knowledge we have about Jordan’s urban refugees, the strong relationships we have developed with those we serve and our ability to quickly respond to their needs. We actively seek to empower and transform the lives of our beneficiaries by offering them a myriad of opportunities to take on leadership roles and serve others in the community.

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