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Your 2015 Support

Thank you all for your generous donations in 2015. Your generosity has made an impact on the lives of Syrian refugees through the following projects:

1) We teamed up with the Palestinian Children Relief Fund (PCRF) to support the following efforts:

  • A Winter Jacket Distribution for 351 children for a total amount of $2,835

  • A Winter Blanket Distribution for 281 children for a total of $9,694.50.

  • A nebulizer project for children with asthma in Northern Lebanon, for 100 children, costing $4,000

Learn more about this effort on the PCRF website.

2) The Building of a school at a Syrian Refugee camp in Lebanon: This is a project that we started last year by building basic washing / sanitary facilities for the refugees in the camp. In October 2015, we delivered another $15,000 check to AUB to support to the building of a school for the children. You can read about this effort in our previous post:!school-project/c1o99. Stay tuned for more updates after the new year.

3) A Winter Coat Drive: Over 1100 coats were purchased at very discounted rates from the Burlington Coat Factory. They were delivered by the Narinje Tree Foundation to Syrian refugees ahead of the brutal winter.

Below are pictures from this year's recipients. Thank you for your continued support.

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