Due to COVID-19, SAWA is unable to hold our 27th Annual anchor dinner and main fundraising event for a second year in a row.  Help us raise money for those families and children who are counting on us.  



SAWA 26th Annual Iftar (May 2019)

Thank you to everyone who joined, supported and contributed to the 26th Annual Iftar.  We are grateful for the wonderful feedback and show of support.  We're so thankful that our attendees enjoyed the delicious Syrian food, the nostalgic music, and most importantly, hearing about the impact of your donations.  Thanks to your generosity, we raised $23,600.  We are continuing to support the education of Syrian Youth and investing in their futures. Thank YOU!


Holiday Brunch (December 2018)

Thank you to all those who joined us and donated to the SAWA Holiday Brunch in December 2018.  It was a great event for all ages! Thanks to your generosity, many displaced families returning to their homes in Syria are now able to have access to clean water.

Thank You for Getting Kids Back to School - (September 2018)

Thank you to all our donors for getting kids back to school this Fall.  Read more and view a short video that showcases the Collateral Repair back to school initiative SAWA supported this summer.   


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SAWA welcomes your involvement. Please let us know if you have ideas or needs that fits SAWA's mission.  Please 'Contact Us' if you would like to get involved or have suggestions for causes or fundraising events.

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